CIP Consultation Service

Every Dairy, Food, Brewing, Beverage, Wine, Chemical and Pharmaceutical production facility requires very high hygiene standards. The Cleaning in Place (CIP) process is one of the most commonly used and one of the most important steps of the production process to achieve this objective.

Large production facilities and an increasingly competitive environment in local and international markets implicate that the operating cost of the CIP process is of vital importance to operate a production facility economically. Also has the demand for an increase in production capacity put pressure on conventional CIP systems and operators to minimise downtime for cleaning purposes and maximise the product output without compromising product quality.


Our Expertise

WISA is specializing in CIP design and CIP optimisation. We have developed a number of innovative CIP concepts for existing plants as well as for applications, which in the past could not be part of the CIP process.

WISA is providing total CIP solutions that cater for our customers plant hygiene needs assisting to achieve their quality and productivity objectives:

  • Maximise the hygiene standard throughout the plant.
  • Minimise the usage of:
    • Water
    • Detergent and sanitizer
    • Energy
    • Cleaning Time

  • Minimise effluent accumulation and environmental impact
  • Optimise Product Quality
  • Increase and maximise production time


Our Proposal

  • WISA offers a consultation service
  • Consulting regarding the cleanability of your existing or proposed plant
  • CIP audits and recommendations to help you to meet your CIP objectives
  • Assess the options to adjust the plant design and /or the CIP design and cleaning solution distribution arrangements.
  • Budgeting the costs for plant and CIP system adjustments, Sprayballs, project management etc.
  • Design and supply of the advanced WISA Combination CIP System and WISA Single Use CIP System.


Our Commitment

We are confident that our international and locally gained experience and expertise in the field of Hygiene- and Process Engineering will enhance your production and CIP process.

We are committed to providing solutions that assist you in operating an efficient and effective CIP process to meet your specific hygiene needs and objectives economically. This will assist you to enhance the profitability of your business.


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